Bear Creek Bed and Breakfast Lodge is a Modern Lodge retreat, located near Branson Missouri. Bear Creek Hollow was the east west passage for  early settlers to cross the mountains to the west. There was originally a Bed and Breakfast, Post Office and a Mill and Country Store.

In the 1800's settlers came from afar to bathe in the Magical Reno Springs named by the French years before. When the water was tested, settlers learned  that it was just plain water and had no medical benefit at all. The town soon dispersed leaving the remains behind. Bear Creek Trail Rides is near where the old mill sight was.

Bear Creek Lodge sits on top of the mountain above Bear Creek Hollow. We offer intimate couple stays, weddings, parties and relaxation. Garden enthusiast will love strolling the grounds and looking at the variety of plants and yardscapes.

Sportsmen can schedule
fishing excursions, horseback riding ,  and come home to a relaxing evening at the Lodge.

We offer local information about the shows and attractions in Branson. Whether you want to see the sights in Branson or enjoy the resources of the Ozarks, Bear Creek Lodge Bed and Breakfast is perfect place to spend your getaway.

Off to the side of our Lodge you will find a nice quaint little cabin , nice private suite. And as you come in you will see out new Tree Top Cabin. We have 2 breakfast areas, and a great room with a large rock fireplace  with a nice view of the hills.

All our cabins and suites have mini refrigerators, microwaves, TVs, DVDs, fireplaces or parlor stoves, hot tub or Jacuzzi and we also serve a full complimentary breakfast, gourmet coffee and teas.
Please reserve your room as soon a possible to insure you get the room of your choice
We accept cash, check, visa master card and discover .